Whales Tohorā

by Amy My sister suggested we take the kid to see the Whales Tohorā exhibit and when I mentioned it to her she did her excited exclamation.

We went early on Saturday, arriving just after the Museum of Nature opened and we had the exhibit practically to ourselves.

They had models and skeletons, videos and games. The kid had a great time matching the whales heads to their body's and tails, and climbing through the life-sized model of a Blue Whale's heart.

I was most fascinated seeing the whale's vertebrae that was bigger than the kid.

Across the hall in the Discovery Zone they had activities set up for kids to try - testing their memory of which whales are which, letting them fish for the different things that different whales eat, there were arts and crafts.

While the kid was catching sea lions and salmon with a magnetic fishing pole, the woman was showing me an example of a blue whales tooth and the tiny little krill that they eat.

Another great part about going to see the Whales Tohorā exhibit was that our admission got us into the rest of the museum.

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