ABC Challenge: Hugging / Outside

by Lara A week into the challenge and it feels a bit strange to be remembering to have my camera at hand more of the time.  Strange but good - I'm so glad to be getting more regular shots of the kids again!

My two photos for this week:

H is for Hugging

On the first and last day of school I like to get my kids to pose right outside our front door.  On the last day of preschool the twins were not the most cooperative but I did get to catch this lovely shot!


O is for outside

Sometimes when you take enough photos you catch just the right smile and just the right light. I love this picture of Quinn.


It's never too late to take part.  Join us in taking photos and share them to our flickr group or on your blog and link to them in the comments! Next week I'll feature some of your photos in my post.

The list:

Art Books Climbing Discovery Eating Friends Green Hugging Inside Jumping Kisses Laughing Mealtime Night Outside Playing Quiet Riding Swinging Trees Umbrella Vehicles Wet Xcited (OH! Cheater!) Yellow Zoom

Will you join me?