Babywearing isn't just for babies

by Lara This week we went on a trip to the Granby Zoo (more on that soon) with our 5 year old and 3 year old twins.  We brought our old Pliko3 stroller and although I meant to bring it, I didn't have my Beco baby carrier with me.

I know when I first told people I planned to bring a carrier with me they were surprised - I don't have babies any more.  And this is where I say "baby carriers are AWESOME for kids up to about 45 lbs!"

Quinn didn't sleep well in the hotel the night before - he was a wreck as soon as we got to the zoo. Fortunately the friends we were with had an Onya Carrier (a fabulous Ottawa/California company that you should definitely check out :)) we were able to borrow.

As soon as he was on my back he was happy.  He was being held and not forced to sit in the horrible stroller or made to WALK.  And the weight was far easier for me to carry than if he'd been in my arms.

I love that even at 3, a carrier can save an outing just by keeping your child close!


Do you still use a carrier with your older children?


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