ABC Challenge: Jumping and Laughing

by Lara My camera is not dead!  It was the battery that died and a new battery has saved the day just in time -- for a week at the cottage!

J is for Jumping

Jumping was the theme at the cottage this year. All three of my guys spent hours jumping off this dock over and over and OVER. Picking just one jumping photo was torture :)

J is for jumping

L is for laughing

My girl is a charmer.  A happy go lucky charmer. L is for laughing

 Reader photos

The list

It's never too late to join in.  Send me the links if you blog about your images - I'd love to include some of your photos too!

Art Books Climbing Discovery Eating Friends Green Hugging Inside Jumping Kisses Laughing Mealtime Night Outside Playing Quiet Riding Swinging Trees Umbrella Vehicles Wet Xcited (OH! Cheater!) Yellow Zoom

Every time I sit down to write one of these posts and look at all the photos I've taken this summer I smile. I spent so many months forgetting to take photos over the winter and seeing these regular images of my kids again makes me happy and reminds me why photography was such a hobby of mine for awhile.

Have you been taking photos?  Link to some in the comments!