Product review: Peekaboo Beans

by Lara I started putting Kiernan in Peekaboo Beans when he was one.  My friend Vicky and I had opened an online clothing store and of all the lines we brought in to sell we both fell most in love with that one.

Peekaboo Beans Ottawa

Now, five years later we've gone through a LOT of Peekaboo Beans and I keep on buying it.  Here are my top five reasons for loving these clothes:

1)  They are easy to put on - no buttons or ties means that kids can get themselves dressed without needing a lot of help.

Peekaboo Beans Ottawa

2) They are comfortable. SO comfortable - I never worry about them being cinched in the waist or having buttons or zippers digging in.

3) They have resale value!  I resell my Peekaboo Beans regularly, often for 1/3-1/2 of what I paid for it.  There's a huge market for used Beans.

4) The line is fun.  Kids love the thumbholes and the hoods and the fun patterns.

Peekaboo Beans Ottawa

5) It's cute and stylish and every new season there is something I just can't resist!

The Fall line launches today and they even have a new Tween line this year!

Tween line from Peekaboo Beans

Vicky and I no longer run our online store but she does still sell Peekaboo Beans (she's one of our lovely sponsors!)

If you're interested in finding out more about Peekaboo Beans like her Facebook page and sign up for her newsletter.  You can buy the line from her or host a Soiree and invite your friends over and earn free product. Soirees are nice casual home parties that you can bring your kids to.

It's a great time to order or host a party with back to school around the corner and Vicky is offering free shipping for Kids in the Capital readers in September - just mention code KICshipping. Go check it out!

Peekaboo Beans is one of our sponsors but the thoughts on the line are all my own ~ Lara

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