Creepy Crawlers & Alligators….in Ottawa!

by Amanda Little Ray's snakeAlligators, Turtles, Snakes and Marmosets…….oh my! Okay, well the marmosets are super cute but the snakes are a big OH MY!  Where can these all be found in the Ottawa area? Little Rays Reptiles of course! If you haven’t been in a few years like me then you will be pleasantly surprised to see they have undergone some renovations and the place has received a nice facelift both inside and out.

We took our two year old and 6 month old (she came along more for the ride then because she has an interest in gators lol) out to Little Rays on a Saturday early afternoon with plans to spend some quality time as a family enjoying a new place and allow our son to explore and discover.

We got there just in time for a showing where they feed some of the animals.  Our 2 year old was definitely more interested in walking around and a little young to sit still throughout this so we continued on through discovering the rest of the creatures.  During the eating shows it is extremely important and continually reminded that everyone must sit quietly and still. These shows are probably best for the 4+ crowd. It did work out to our advantage to see the rest of the creatures while everyone else was watching the feeding show as there is not a lot of space inside when there are a lot of people.

With a two year old and quick attention span (unless he’s watching his favourite movie Cars, over and over and over…..) we saw everything and were ready to leave in 30 minutes.  For our family and our sons current interests we definitely will not  be back paying full admission until we know that we will be spending more time there.

I would definitely recommend taking children who are older to explore and if it is nice out there is a little area out back where you could enjoy a picnic lunch.  Their daycamps also seem very interesting if you have a child who enjoys snakes, lizards and creepy crawelers!

Amanda is a mom to a 2 year old boy and 6 month old baby girl.  When she is not out having fun with the kids you can find her getting her yoga on at