Play Time Cafe in Manotick

By Kamerine Play Time Cafe is a kid-friendly coffee shop that recently opened in Manotick. I was so excited because even though there are other similar establishments in town, this is by far the closest one for me. I took the kids there one snowy morning a couple of weeks ago.

The first thing I noticed were the super bright green walls and then my eyes wandered around to the toys and puzzles and comfy chairs and couches and the high chairs everywhere. This was obviously a clean, kid-friendly, cozy place. The play area is gated off but surrounded with half walls so you could see the kids from almost everywhere in the place. There were also toys and stations (for lack of a better word) set up here and there like a princess table the kids loved with a hidden cubby full of blocks.


I picked up a snack for the kids and tried a Panini for me and veggie sliders for them. It was all delicious. The food is a focus for the owners and they boast wholesome and locally sourced ingredients. This isn't a necessity for me but it's definitely a nice touch.

It can be weird talking about bathrooms but I'm going to. Play Time Cafe has two bathrooms and a fully stocked change table for the little ones. This is such a big deal when you're out and about and the inevitable happens and you need to change a diaper. No problem at all here.


I had a chance to talk to two of the owners and I can say without a doubt that they are friendly and passionate about what they do. I'm glad to have Play Time Cafe so close by and I hope I've convinced you to go check it out. It's bright and cheerful and clean, with a friendly staff, and focused on healthy eating and community: a winning combination. We will definitely be back to Play Time Cafe.