Question of the Month: Do You Let Your Child Quit?

i-quitThis month has been a bit difficult for me as a mom. My daughter, who has danced at the same studio since she was three, has recently become disillusioned and has started balking at going to dance. There are many reasons for this the but the bottom line is that we are now one week away from our first competition and she wants to quit dance. As hard as it is for me to see her tears, I am making her finish the competition season. She can't let her team down, she made a commitment, I've already paid...there are lots of reasons why. She has reluctantly agreed but I still need to deal with the tears.

The question for this month is, then, when to do let your child quit an activity? Do the reasons behind quitting matter? How do you make them take responsibility for the "quitting?" (Sorry, I think that was 3 questions)

Please share your thoughts with us. We'd love to know!