Birthday Magic Done Right

by Robin Redmond “Come one, come all! Step right up to the Greatest Show on Earth!” shouted my husband as he stood on the doorstep ushering birthday guests into the house.

After having been to the circus last summer, my daughter, Avery, was pretty sure she wanted a circus birthday party (but with a frog -- huh). Luckily, a chance to review services came up. I’d never hired a children’s entertainer before and I wasn’t certain if I’d ever go that route—but I knew that a magic show full of mystery and wonderment would certainly save me and my husband from having to put together our own circus show. (I’m not much of a tightrope walker!)

Ian Quick of Birthday Party Magic was wonderful at helping us plan the perfect magic show, tailored specifically for Avery’s party. Prior to the party, we discussed the number of guests and the ages of the children. Ian typically recommends magic shows for kids over six or seven because those under that age don’t really have the cognitive ability to believe that what they are seeing is impossible. Since we had nine children ranging in ages from two to nine, Ian offered to give us a mini-magic show and then spend the other half of his show creating elaborate balloon sculptures for the kids. I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love balloons, so I thought that was the perfect compromise! Done.


Many Pinterest ideas later and the day of the party finally arrived. Avery and her sister, Brooke, couldn’t have been more excited. With the decorations and circus-themed food in place, we were all set to go.

Ian arrived just before our scheduled time and the kids nearly went crazy with excitement. They all gathered around to watch as he set up his equipment. Once he slipped into his purple magician’s jacket, the kids knew it was time for the real show to begin! The parents couldn’t help but gather around too, all curious and eager for to be amazed. I think this is the first birthday party we’ve thrown where my husband and I have actually gotten to sit down and enjoy the party!


And enjoy we did. Ian was great with the kids—he was funny and entertaining and he involved each kid in one of his magic tricks, making it very interactive. The kids loved it and really got into it! And, so did the parents. They were laughing and oohing and aahing right along with the kids. And, the true magic of it all? I finally had a chance to sit down and actually enjoy my children enjoying their party. After about 15 or 20 minutes, Ian performed his grand finale (making a string of colourful scarves appear from within an empty box), inviting birthday girl Avery to come and be his assistant. She couldn’t have been happier to be the star of the circus show!

Then, as promised, Ian strapped on his balloon apron and true to his name—he quickly twisted away some amazing sculptures out of balloons while telling the kids more jokes. He made whimsical unicorns, colourful ladybugs, big-eyed turtles, adorable piggies and even a one-eyed red squid as per my nephew Hunter’s request! After that, we had a whole menagerie of rubber animals under our circus tent.

ian quick baloons

Upon speaking with Ian before he left, we learned that he is a bilingual magician who has been entertaining young and old alike within the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec area for nearly 20 years now. His magic shows run the gambit from close-up, sleight-of-hand magic to grand illusions and he even offers special Harry Potter themed birthday parties for up-and-coming wizards. Besides magic and balloon art, he offers an assortment of other fun entertainment services including face painting and bouncy castle rentals and he has performed at a wide range of venues—from small house parties like ours to school shows, community festivals and even extravagant corporate events.

Having never had an entertainer at one of our parties before, I wasn’t certain whether or not the expense would be worth the service, but after having seen what a great show Ian put on and how much both the kids and the parents enjoyed it, I don’t think I’d ever hesitate again. did not disappoint. Ian's show truly helped make Avery’s circus birthday a magical and memorable event!

By day, Robin is a professional writer and a slave to the paycheque. By night, she is a mom to two very active little girls (with a third on the way) and wife to a wonderfully patient hubby. She enjoys writing, photography, scrapbooking, thinking up ways to be a better housekeeper without actually having to clean and playing dress-up with her daughters.