Capital Kids and Car Shows

By Kamerine Have a kid who loves cars? You're in luck: Ottawa hosts two car shows every spring. My lucky little guy got to go to both this year!

IMG_3863 (Medium)The first was the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show downtown. We had planned a family outing but were derailed when my daughter got sick in the car on the way there. I dropped of my 3.5 year old son and my husband and took my sickie home.

The boys had a great time exploring at the car show but the highlight for my son was actually the bus ride home. It was his first time on a city bus and he loved it.

The show itself lasts from Thursday to Sunday and has special events like a cruise night, family day and fun day. So many cars to look at including concept cars which are always so sleek.

IMG_3838 (Medium)The second show was the Ottawa Classic and Custom Car Show at the new Ernst and Young Center. This time the whole family made it. This show is smaller but has some really interesting custom cars with funky displays.

The big highlight were the Batmobiles, two of them, and a Batman statue that the kids loved. I loved seeing all the little kids dressed up like Batman. Coming in a close second was being able to sit in a police car and multiple race cars.

While not a typical outing, the car shows were adventures for my little family. We will definitely be back next year.

If you went I would love to hear what you thought!

Kamerine is mom to 3 year old Little J and 1 year old Baby K.  She documents her life with two toddlers, a husband and a cat at