Ottawa's Farmer's Markets

0-1One of the best parts of Ottawa in the summer is the availability of fresh produce grown locally. Last weekend, my girls and I had the opportunity to visit the Westboro Farmer’s Market to get some veggies and breads for dinner. Since the arrival of summer, the Farmer’s Markets are popping up all over Ottawa, in every part of the city. Not only are they a great resource for those who want to support our local infrastructure, but they are a fun way to get your kids involved in making (and actually eating) dinner.

0-2If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit I have the world's pickiest eaters. Both are self-proclaimed vegetable haters. So, in order to help the situation, I told them that they could each pick and prepare a dish with their (ahem) favorite veggies. My eldest grabbed some asparagus (all the while laughing because it would make our pee smell). My youngest latched onto the zucchini. At first, she wanted to make fried zucchini but later settled on “baked” fried zucchini. A good compromise I thought.

We had a blast inspecting, choosing and then buying our dinner. Not only did they have fresh vegetables, baked goods and fruits but they also had crafts, treats and pottery, flowers and more. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

The Ottawa Farmer’s Market in Westboro is located along the walking path of the Byron Linear Park, between Golden, Richmond and Byron Avenues and there are more than 65 vendors. It runs on Saturdays from 9:30-3:00. you can also find more Farmer’s Markets around the city on their website.

Do you shop at an Ottawa Farmer's Market? Which one is your favorite?