Question of the Month: Turning off the Helicopter Parent

Summer is finally here and in about three weeks, school will be done, the days will be longer and playing outside in the fresh air will be a number one priority for most kids. When I was young(er), playing outside meant roaming the neighborhood with friends until all hours with little parental supervision. It's not the same today, of course.

As a mom, I get how scary it is to let you kid go off on their own (or with friends). Whether it's to ride their bike around the block or go to the park with friends, the very idea of letting your kids out of your site strikes terror in the hearts of most parents. I freely admit that I am a helicopter mom. I have trouble letting my kids go off on their own and it takes a real effort for me to do so.

The questions of the month, then, is at what age would you or did you let your child go off on their own around the neighborhood with friends -- whether it was to the park or just riding their bike to a friend's house?

Please share your thoughts. This helicopter mom really wants to know!