The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head Giveaway - Closed

By Kamerine potato1I don't think there's a single person who hasn't heard of Mr. Potato Head. Even if you didn't have one of these toys as a child, chances are you know someone who did or your kids now have one. At the very least you've seen him in the Toy Story movies.

Mr. Potato Head has been around for about 60 years and started out as pieces to stick into actual potatoes. Over the years, Mr. Potato Head has changed and is now bigger and comes with a plastic potato body. I didn't know this, but there was even a Mr. Potato Head show that aired in the 90s.

It's fitting that the Children's Museum has created a special Mr. Potato Head exhibit to celebrate this popular toy. I had seen the ads forThe Adventures of Mr. Potato Head and was excited to get the chance to take my kids, ages 2 and 3, to check it out. And wow, it was incredible!

potato2We couldn't get more than 5 feet into the exhibit because right at the door is a section with 7 Mr. Potato Head bodies and loads and loads of pieces. The kids dug around and picked out eyes, mouths, feet, arms, and silly hats for their potatoes. When they were satisfied we moved farther into the room. There was so much to take in: to the left a section for digging for artifacts, flashing lights in the back left fighting for our attention, a jeep right in the middle for safari fun, and a spaceship in the back right beckoning us. In fact, each of these are special adventure-themed zones with clever descriptions you can read about on the museum's website.

We slowly made our way around the room, exploring the different parts with the help of museum employees. We checked out the light wall that is motion-sensitive and twinkles when you move in front or touch it and then fades away as you move away. We dug for artifacts and found the pieces to make a crown. We checked out the submarine and played with the underwater sounds. We sat in the spaceship and saw ourselves on the screen. We checked out the coral reef and read some books about going on safari. We sat in the jeep and played with the binoculars.

potato3And on our way out the kids couldn't help but build more Mr. Potato Heads at the activity table near the door.

The exhibit was well done and bigger than I imagined. So many things to see and do, including some activities that we didn't try that are probably better suited for children a older than mine.

The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head is a special exhibit at the Canadian Children's Museum (inside the Museum of Civilization) and runs until January 5, 2014. On top of the exhibit, there are special events for more hands-on fun. I hope you get a chance to visit the museum. My kids liked digging for artifacts in Spud Quest best.

Have you visited the Adventures of Mr. Potato Head Yet? We're so sure you'll love it, we're giving away a family pass for the exhibit! Just tell us what you loved about Mr. Potato Head as a kid in the comments below and you're entered! Contest ends June 27th!

Kamerine is mom to 3 year old Little J and 2 year old  Little K.  She documents her life with two toddlers, a husband and a cat at The Life of K.