App review: Bunny Math Race

by Lara I don't know about your kids but mine love apps, so when I got the opportunity to review a new iPad (it also works on android) app for kids 3-8 I was really excited.


What they tell you (AKA Key features)

  • Different math-learning tasks for 3-8 years old kids
  • Child-friendly, easy to play interface: they only need to tap!
  • Cute, colorful and cartoonish 3D game environment, with lots of fun tasks!
  • 18 levels of fun! Play in Desert, Icy Road or in Mountain scenes!
  • 6 free-to-play Race Tracks in Bunny Math Race for kids FREE
  • 3 levels of difficulty – the challenge adjusts with addition and subtraction tasks


How I see it

The app is simple but a lot of fun.  While a little too easy for my 6.5 year old (he mastered all the levels in about half an hour), the 4 year old twins both like it and are definitely learning from it.

They like getting to choose the colour of their bunny.


They like racing their bunnies and winning carrots.


And when it gets too hard they just like to hit all the answers until something works :)



The app is free and definitely worth checking out.  Unless you value your own time with the iPad because in the week we've owned it I've woken up more than once to a little face looking at mine asking "can I play the bunny game?" ;)

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions on the game belong to me and my bunny adoring children :)

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