Welcoming Our New Sponsor: The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head (and a Giveaway to Boot!)

Mr Potato Head Childrens MuseumGiveaway Closed

Kids in the Capital is proud to welcome a new sponsor. And it’s not just any ordinary sponsor. It’s none other than the iconic Mr. Potato Head! The Children’s Museum, located in the Museum of Civilization, is now playing host to the temporary exhibit of The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head.

Last month, Kamerine got the chance to experience the exhibit with her two kids and thought it was pretty SPUD-Tacular.  The exhibit, geared toward children 3-8, is full of opportunities for creative play and problem-solving. There are tons of  hands-on opportunities for little inventors to creating their own amazing jungle bugs, for young oceanographers to climb aboard the potato-shaped spud sub, be budding archaeologists exploring the ruins of a lost vegetable kingdom or astronauts aboard the S.P.U.D. space station as they orbit the distant planet Neptato. The exhibit also includes one display of the original toy as it appeared in the 1950’s. Back then, children had to use real potatoes. What a great way to spend some time over the summer holiday.

The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head runs now to January 5th at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. You can read more about the exhibition here. This is also where you can buy advance tickets and look ahead to any special activities that are planned.

Congrats to Lisa Kastler who won a family pass to see The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head. But we have more! We’re also giving away two Mr. Potato Head toys. Just tell us whether you're partial to Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head in the comments below and you're entered! Contest ends July 10th!