Mosaika: The Canadian Light and Sound Spectacular

  If you’re looking for some really cool things to do this summer, don’t forget about Mosaika.

What is Mosaika?

7899590608_66f55e2c10_zMosaika is an amazing light and sound show set against the stunning backdrop of the Parliament buildings. It’s the story of Canada and takes, the audience on a spectacular journey of sound and light as you learn all about Canada’s physical, historical and cultural landscapes.

Last summer, I took my girls to see this incredible show. It runs late, 10 pm in July, 9:30 pm in August and 9 in September but it was a special occasion and they were both really excited to be up and out at night. We brought blankets and snacks and set out for the lawn in front of Parliament Hill around 8:30. I’m glad we got there early because it was actually really crowded and as it got dark, it was harder to move around to find empty patches of grass. The weather was beautiful and it was fun watching all the people around us as we waited for the show to start.

The show started on time, which is always a plus. The lights and lasers lit up the whole face of the Parliament Buildings and it really felt like the whole area was actually moving and dancing with the words and music. The way they merged the words with the music and light was really remarkable.

0-2What was even more impressive than the lights and music was that my girls and I left knowing a great deal more about our country, how it was founded and some of the hardships we faced in the early years. It was presented in a way such that we didn’t even mind the lessons on a warm summer night. This show is great for all – young kids will enjoy the lights and sounds and older kids will be able to relate to the story.

The bilingual show is free and is presented nightly from July 10 through September 7, 2013. Bring your blankets, chairs and snacks and get ready for the show. It truly was a magical experience.