“Go – Bon Voyage” to the Ottawa Public Library this summer (part 1)

By  Xiao Feng Xing - Youth Collections Librarian at the Ottawa Public Library  This year’s Summer Reading Club “Go – Bon Voyage” travel theme encourages children to go on their reading journey to places near and far and explore anywhere or anything.

Library branches across the city will offer exciting programs featuring travel theme too. Here are a few suggested books we hope you and your child will enjoy reading together.

Luciani, Brigitte: How Will We Get to the Beach? North-South Books, 2000

Untitled1Roxanne wants to take five things (a book, a ball, a turtle, a beach umbrella and a baby) to the beach. Her car is broken; she has to use a different transportation method. But the problem is that each alternate form of transportation can only carry four items with it. Children will enjoy this interactive guessing-game.

You could pair this book with The Big Trip by Valeri Gorbachev

Zion, Gene: Harry by the Sea, Harper & Row, 1965

Untitled2This is my favourite book in the Harry the Dirty Dog series. In this book, Harry the white dog with black spots went to the beach and got separated from his family. Suddenly he was completely covered with seaweed by a big wave. He didn’t look like a dog anymore. People thought he was a sea serpent, a giant sandworm, or a sea slug. People tried to catch it and take it to the aquarium.

Will little Harry find his family? Your child will be captivated by this little dog and his hilarious adventures, and will ask you to read this timeless story again and again.

Kasza, Keiko: Ready for Anything, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2009

Untitled3Keiko Kasza is the author and illustrator of multiple award-winning books for children. Her book My Lucky Day has won numerous U.S. awards. All of her books feature simple and interesting story plots and humorous characters. The dialogue is lively and fun to read aloud.

In Ready for Anything! Duck and Raccoon plan a picnic together. Raccoon worries about everything, and always thinks of the worst possible scenarios. Duck on the other hand, is very positive and always thinking of fun thing for each challenge. It’s an entertaining story of friendship, sharing feelings, and overcoming fears. You could pair this with a book from Scaredy Squirrel series by Melanie Watt.

Dusen Chris Van: A Camping Spree with Mr.Magee, Chronicle Books, 2003 

Untitled4Mr. Magee and his dog are off on a camping trip. But when a bear accidentally unties Mr. Magee’s camper from his car, the camper gets stuck on a rock above a fifty-foot waterfall. Will Mr. Magee and his dog be rescued?

This book has it all: charming illustrations, smooth-flowing rhymes, and an action-packed adventure plot. You’ll find it a great read for you and your family while at your camp site. You can download the e-book or watch animated and narrated e-books directly from the TumbleBooks library at Ottawa Public Library website. You could Pair this book with Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee by the same author.

That's part 1 of our summer Reading Club Book selections. You can find more TD summer reading lists on our library website.

Come on in to one of the Ottawa Public Library’s 33 branches and bookmobiles to sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club. You can pick up your “passport” and activity book as well as delightful stickers. You can also enter your sticker codes at www.tdsummerreadingclub.ca  to reveal rewards.