Question of the Month: Preparing Your Child for Back to School

81785_back-to-school-green-blackboard-photoAs exciting as the first day of school is, lots of kids don't always take change in stride, and that means that getting back into the school routine can cause little people (and their parents), lots of stress. For my kids, there are always lots of sources of back-to-school stress, including adjustment to new teachers and classmates, an increase in homework, or just the transition to a different daily routine.

To help my kids (who really don’t like change) get ready for school, we always start about a week or two before by making sure everything from clothes, shoes and books are organized, bed time routines are set, as are wake up times.

The Question of the Month is how do you help your child prepare for back to school and what are your best tips for making sure it goes smoothly?