Welcoming Just Play Toy Rental

logoHave you ever stood in your playroom and looked around at the toys and thought “Am I crazy?” I know that when my kids were small, no matter what toys they had, they only held their attention for a month or two before they were ready to move on. That can get really expensive. Which is why our new (well, technically returning) sponsor Just Play Toy Rental is a pretty awesome idea. New to you toys delivered right to your door! It’s pretty simple. You can go online and pick out the toys you want. They have all kind of developmentally appropriate toys, both big and small. Just Play Toy Rental focuses on purchasing high quality, open ended toys that will stimulate your kid’s imaginations. The toys are thoroughly cleaned using a product called Benefect - it is a 100% botanical (non-toxic) disinfectant. Typically, the standard rental period is 4 weeks (although daily rentals are available upon special request).

To make life even easier, you can even enroll in the Just Play Toy Rental subscription service. When you do, you will receive new to you developmentally appropriate toys on the selected delivery date. The number of toys will vary slightly depending on their individual retail value. The rental period is 30 days, starting from the day the toys are delivered. The toys will be picked up and another toy package delivered 30 days later.

How awesome is that? Just when your kids are starting to get bored, boom! A brand new delivery of toys. And don’t worry if your child just cannot bear to part with a toy. If that happens, you can actually purchase said toy. All problems solved.

Welcome back Just Play Toy Rental. We’re so excited to be able to promote your awesome service. And stay tuned, we will have a reader review of Just Play coming really soon.