Welcome to FlowersInspire and Little Florist Birthday Parties

little floristFlowersInspire, our new sponsor, is a great idea for kids of all ages. They are a professional floral design studio providing inspiring, fun flower arranging experiences for all ages and interests. It’s fun, unique and you get to take your flowers home to share with the whole family. When you’re trying to decide what to do for your little one’s birthday party, I bet you’ve never thought of Flowers.

FlowersInspire, located at 174 Colonnade Road, provides everything you need for a Little Florist Birthday Party - all of the tools, containers and flower supplies for your birthday child and their guests. They offer one-on-one training for each kid and a great space to do it all. There’s room for your floral creations, food and fun. They even have space to open gifts.  Plus, they take care of the clean up, which makes it tops in my books.

For older florists and adults, FlowersInspire also offers Seasonal Floral Design Seminars where you can learn to create different arrangements throughout the year, celebrating occasions with unique, decorative, floral accents. And best of all, when you take a seminar and make your own arrangement, the cost is about the same as buying the same arrangement in a store… but you get the fun and experience of making it yourself!

Working with flowers is a great way for kids and families to connect and to tap-into with their creative side.

With FlowersInspire, it'll be a blooming good time (excuse the pun!)