What's Your Take on Halloween Candy

Every year, my kids go out trick-or-treating and get bucket-loads of candy. I think that half the time, it's not even about dressing up and having fun. It's about how much loot they can score. And that means Halloween is a bit of a dilemma.

After going out and getting all this candy, how much should I really let them eat (and not feel like a horrible mom)? On one hand, it's their candy and they should be allowed some treats; but on the other hand, do I really want them eating a treat every single day until June? I'm pretty sure I don't.

When my girls were little, the Halloween Fairy (or "Switch Witch") used to visit about a week after Halloween and trade the leftover candy for a small gift. That worked pretty well but now that they're older - not so much.

How do you navigate the Halloween conundrum with your kids? Do you take away their candy after some time has passed? Dole it out piece by piece? Or do you eat it all yourself? (like I have to try very hard not to do!)

This mama needs some new ideas.