10 Gifts That Don’t Involve More ‘Stuff’

This post was shared by one of our awesome sponsors, Delta Jones of Just Play Toy Rental. Just Play is an online toy rental service that delivers toys within the greater Ottawa area. They focus is on providing parents and caregivers with high quality toys that encourage imaginative play and physical activity. deltaBy Delta

I don’t know about you but I’m already getting a bit anxious about all the ‘stuff’ that is about to come into my home in a little over a month’s time.  You know what I’m talking about:  toys.  Plastic toys that emit random, repetitive, rage inducing noises, toys that will break approximately one week after they are removed from their packaging, toys that will lay forgotten in the playroom corner by February, toys, toys, toys.

We know how overwhelming it is for our families to find just the right gift for our kids (heck…it’s hard enough for us to know what to get them) so this year we will encourage family members to offer gifts of experience rather than stuff.  Here are a few ideas that might work for your family:

1 – Time:  An afternoon with the gift giver – movie, mini-golf, bowling, skating, skiing, museum, pedicure, afternoon tea at the Chateau Laurier, etc.

2 – Lessons: My boys have been asking for karate lessons for months now (I suspect this has something to do with Power Rangers).  This seemed like a good idea until I researched some options.  Turns out karate is quite an expensive sport, as most sports are.  Why not get family members to contribute to lessons?  Other options:  skiing, snowboarding, musical instrument, cooking, etc.

3 – Museum Memberships:

4 - Skiing/snowboarding lift passes

5 – Recreation gift certificates from the City of Ottawa : Can be used towards literally hundreds of activities across the city (including March Break camps).

6 – Sports Equipment

7 – Entertainment tickets : Ottawa SenatorsOttawa 67sNACShenkman Arts Centre,Centrepointe TheatreOttawa Little Theatre, movie gift certificates

8 – Art lessons: 4 catsMud OvenMonart Art School of OttawaOttawa School of Art

9 – Buy them a star and name it after them: https://www.starregistry.ca/ (my oldest son would think this is the coolest thing ever!)

10 – Gift certificate for toy rentals from Just Play Toy Rental : (you knew this would be in here;).  For a fraction of the purchase price, kids can play with some very cool, unique toys.  And just when they start to gather dust in a corner, we’ll come pick them up!