Winter fun: blowing bubbles

by Kamerine

When the temperature drops, and I mean when it gets REALLY cold, playing outside isn't fun. With the threat of frostbite a very real thing in Ottawa these days, it's hard to get out with the kids. But being locked inside all day every day is no fun either. What to do. There will always be indoor playgrounds, the mall, libraries, and playdates, but what about braving the cold for a little outdoor fun?

All those bottles of bubbles that you have left over from the summer just sitting in the garage? Use them! Bubbles do something really fun in super cold weather, -15C and below: they freeze! Blow bubbles using the wand just like always, but because it's so cold the bubbles freeze. When the kids go to pop them, they'll be amazed at the paper-thin, feathery bubble shell that floats to the ground.

And if you don't have any store-bought bubbles you can make your own

So find those bubbles and take ten or fifteen minutes and go play. Bonus points if you can get photographic evidence to share.. I know I couldn't! But check out these amazing pictures of bubbles in cold weather!

Kamerine documents her life with two children, a husband and a cat at The Life of K.