Minimalist Parenting

January is a messy time of year. And no, it's not just the slush, ice or freezing rain. And it's not the leftover boxes or bags from Christmas presents. It's all the STUFF. With resolutions in the forefront of my mind, I tend to see my house through the eyes of a minimalist. And let me tell ya, we're not doing too well.

Minimalist parents suggest we simplify our lives. Kids don't need a lot of toys; they don't need constant stimulation; and we all know they're much happier just playing with a cardboard box. Too many toys = mess = disorganization = unhappiness (a totally unscientific theory, but that's my reasoning).

And so, as we head into February, I'm taking the cardboard box away from the toddler, and I'm filling it with toys we no longer use. My goal is to get rid of half of the "stuff" our girls own (by recycling or donating - let's be environmental about it).

Anyone want to join me in this challenge?

Misty Pratt is a mother of two girls, 1 and 4 years old. In her spare time she is a doula and childbirth educator. Follow her on Facebook or find out about her services here.