Hoppy Easter and Pink Carrots!

I love trying out Pinterest-type crafts and recipes, but they never seem to turn out the same. Probably just a sign that I'll never be a Martha Stewart.

carrots...aka Pink Blobs

carrots...aka Pink Blobs

These strawberries dipped in chocolate are supposed to look like carrots. But I couldn't find orange wafers at Bulk Barn, so just decided to mix red and yellow....which makes pink, apparently.


  • Melt chocolate: we use a stainless steel bowl inside a pot of hot water, as I don't own a double boiler
  • dip strawberries into melted chocolate and place on a sheet of parchment paper
  • Use a spoon to drizzle extra chocolate over the top
  • Ask your kids what they look like, and try not to cry when they say "flowers!"

The good news is that they taste egg-cellent!

Happy Easter from one #Pinterestfail Mom to another.

(to try out these "carrots" yourself, check out this link from the Marilyn Denis Show - lots of fantastic ideas!)