We could be dancing

My kid is a mover. She rarely slows down, and she loves to dance, but she didn't like the one ballet class we tried because it was too slow for her. I heard about Salsa Babies when she was little but I never took the class. When I found out Dancing Mama offers a class called Zumbini for older kids and a parent I signed us up right away. Even better: The class I signed us up for is at Brinkeetos and we can stay to play afterwards.

I think my daughter may be a bit old for the class. We would dance and then sit for a song, and the slowing down was hard for her, but once our teacher Dani brought out some instruments she was happy.



And then she put bells around her wrists and ankles and danced around and was in total heaven.

Dani was great with the kids and it certainly gave my daughter some good exercise. I know I was sweating by the end of our hour.



My daughter is four, and I think the class is more suited to younger kids, but if you have a child that loves to bounce around and dance to music I recommend it.