Running with kids

A great way to teach your kids how to be active is to run with them. When you're ready you can sign them up for race. There are many events around the city with distances suitable for little ones or if you have a jogging stroller you can take them that way. IMG_4670 (Small)

My oldest did his first race in the stroller when I was pregnant with the youngest. Last year was their first race - a 1K in my neighbourhood. It doesn't sound far, but when you're 2 and easily distractable, it is!

IMG_4673 (Small)

Both kids crossed the finish line (the oldest in the pack, the youngest was the absolute last one to finish) and collected their medals. You should have seen their faces - the sense of accomplishment and pride. I will admit to shedding some tears.

IMG_4678 (Small)

This year we've already done one race with them - a 1 miler - and have signed them up for another 1K later in June.

IMG_1051 (Small)

There are so many options in Ottawa - from walking and running races to triathalons and more. A great program is Somersault which does all sorts of types of races and distances, but most big runs have a short family one as well. The Ottawa Running Club lists all the local races.

IMG_1045 (Small)

I encourage you to try out a race this summer. See if it's something your kids enjoy and maybe spark a love of running. If nothing else, you'll get out one day for a fun activity with your kids.

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Have you signed your kids up for a race?