A Summer Journal for Kids

Slide01 For the past few years I have created a summer journal for my children to document their days off.

It all started as a way to entertain them on a long flight out west and three weeks of visiting family. I thought it would be a great way to keep them entertained drawing and writing about the things they did and saw. I provided them with stickers and other supplies to help them describe their experiences. They were young, 5 and 3, when we started. On the flight they taped their boarding passes in the journals. They collected flowers and other treasures in small bead bags to tape in their journals. With assistance my 5 year old wrote words to describe his summer vacation.


Now at 8 and 6, the journals are more focused on reading, writing, and cursive. This year our journals are full of writing prompts. There is still lots of space for drawing and pasting. In preparation for the last day of school I will print our journals, gather some art supplies (makers, pencils, doubled sided tape, glue, stickers, etc.) and store it all in a folder for each child. On our first day of summer vacation we will write our bucket list.


Click on the link below to download the full journal (39 pages) here for free!

summer journal KITC

It will print in black and white on 8.5 X 11 paper. I printed the journal at our local print store for about $12.00, including a clear cover page, a blank back page and coil binding.


What summer activities do you plan with your children?

Jayda Siggers is a Mom of 2 ( JWS, 6 and LLS, 4), a nutritionist, a coach at Clean Plate Cleanse, a master mediator living under a co-dictatorship, whole food advocate, trying to live a little greener everyday.