25 Days of Christmas: Activity Calendar

The countdown begins...although many of us have been thinking about the holidays since November 1st, December 1st marks the official start of all things Christmas (and if you are Christian, the preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas). We're doing a family-oriented lead-up to Christmas by borrowing the 25 Days of Christmas idea from Andrea over at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl. I think this will be the first year both my girls will be able to take an active part in Christmas activities, and I'm really excited!

So, in no official order (I'll come and cross these off the list as we do them!):

1. Make REAL hot chocolate

2. Do a random act of kindness

3. Put together our Christmas Hamper

4. Go to the Ottawa Tea Festival for a Children's Tea Party!

5. Write and mail our Christmas cards

6. Make Christmas chocolates

7. Go get our real Christmas tree!

8. Decorate the Christmas tree

9. Visit the Cumberland Museum Village of Lights

10. Go see the Nutcracker

11. Purchase a special gift from Plan Canada

12. Bake some Christmas cookies

13. Spend all day in our PJs doing whatever the kids want - nowhere to go, and nothing to do but play!

14. Head to the library for some Christmas books to read

15. Have a family game night - pull out all the games we have and choose a few to play after dinner

16. If there's snow, take some food colouring outside and decorate the snow! (if no snow, drop food colouring into ice cube trays and play with coloured ice in the bath tub)

17. Make popcorn and watch Christmas movies

18. Go for a nighttime walk to see the Christmas lights

19. Santa and snowman crafts

20. Make a gingerbread house

21. School Christmas "spectacle"

22. Put together a Christmas stocking for the dog :)

23. Go sledding (c'mon snow!)

24. Go to work with Mommy for the morning

25. Christmas day! Cook, eat, open presents, and most of all....feel grateful for our wonderful family and loved ones who are far away.