Curvy Board: Waldorf-inspired toys

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know that my dear husband has spent this last year as a stay-at-home dad, taking care of our girls and working towards an electrical apprenticeship. But what I may not have mentioned is that he is also a very talented woodworker. He's recently had some requests from friends to create several Waldorf-inspired toys - toys that are made from natural materials, aimed to inspire imagination, active play and are aesthetically pleasing (we all know how nice a handmade doll is compared to a hard plastic doll!) One toy that's been requested is a curvy board (or Waldorf Rocker Board). This is a piece of wood that's been bent (actually, it's many layers of plywood glued together), and can be used for balancing, rocking, sliding, and climbing. We've already found another use for it as a puppet theatre:

curvy board1

But of course, climbing is always fun:

curvy board2


It's hard to find toys that children will use again and again, and even harder to find something that's eco friendly! The curvy board seems to fit these criteria, and I'm really excited hubby has gotten into making toys - it feels like we have Santa in the house! :)

curvy board3

Tom's currently taking orders for curvy boards ($120 each), and you can contact him via his Facebook Page.

Tell me, what's the one toy your kids play with all the time?