Puff Paint Decorations

I am not very good at coming up with ideas for crafts that I can do with my daughter. She's four now and she's much better than I am at sitting down with paper and scissors and glue and getting creative. This is why I have created a board on Pinterest called 'Things to do with the kid' where I can go for ideas when she wants to do a craft together. It was on Pinterest that I found this idea, that worked out very well and helped to decorate our home for the holidays. It's very simple and all you need are puff paints in whatever colours you like, wax paper and copies of designs you want to follow. Put the design under the wax paper and start copying your design with the paint. I taped the wax paper down to make sure everything stayed in place while we were painting.

Once you're happy with your painting, let everything dry thoroughly.


This might have been the hardest part, it took a full day and the kid was getting rather impatient. When it's dry, you can peel your design off the wax paper and stick it to your windows.

I was actually really impressed by how well they stuck, though some of our artwork didn't peel off the wax paper as easily as I had hoped.


We started out with snowflake designs – simple ones and more complicated ones – but you could decorate your window with any number of designs. I even took a shot at doing some freestyle designs that I was very happy with.

This craft was easy for the kid and will brighten up our house a little bit. It was also easy to clean up afterwards. Now that I know this is something that she enjoys doing together, we can decorate our house for different seasons and holidays if we feel like it.