Feathery Fun

by Little Lotus Yoga Founder Amanda DeGrace

There are so many fun props that you can use in your child's yoga classes. We often use stickers, buttons, pom poms, puppets, stuffed animals, sticks, balloons and so many more. Today I want to share with you one of my favourite props: FEATHERS! Who doesn’t love a tickly colourful feather?!

feathery fun

Here are some ways that you can incorporate feathers into your child’s yoga practice and how to have some fun with them at home:

1.    Body Wake Up: Take your feather and start to tickle your cheeks, your head, your ears, your shoulders and make your way down your body towards your feet! Start off your yoga practice by waking up all parts of your body with your feather. 

2.    Blowing: Place your feather in front of your mouth and gently blow on your feather. Now place one hand on your belly and see if you can feel your belly moving as you blow on to your feather. Next close your mouth and blow through your nose to see if you can make your feather move and dance. 

3.    Downward Dog Feather Fun!: In downward dog place your feather under your doggie nose and see if you can blow your feather really far. Chase your feather around the room as you wag your tail in down dog and practice blowing your feather.

4.    Counting Toes: Sit on the floor with your legs straight out. Melt your belly towards your legs and reach your feather to your toes. See if you can count your toes with your feather!