Worth a Visit: Quitters Coffee

We're introducing a new series here on Kids in the Capital - every Tuesday we'll be sharing a place that's worth visiting with your kids in the Ottawa region. It could be a store or restaurant, a park, an event/activity, you name it! Have a special place you'd like to share? Submit your ideas to kidsinthecapital@gmail.com.

There are many great coffee shops around town, but Quitters Coffee (which opened in late 2014), is a real gem. Never mind that it's owned and operated by a famous Ottawan (which is cool enough), but the ambiance, treats and yes, coffee, make it worth the trip with your little ones. Just make sure you're feeding your kids the treats and not the coffee ;)

Quitters Coffee.jpg

My 2 year-old daughter and I took a trip there several weeks back, while en route to drop something off to a friend. I'd heard of Quitters, and had wanted to check it out, but living in Orleans makes it quite the drive. I can now say it's worth it! I don't think I'll be stopping by for my morning coffee, but it's a great place to meet up with friends once in a while (and lucky you if you live in Stitsville!)

Croissants were warm and fresh, just out of the oven. My daughter gobbled one down in no time, and I enjoyed a really nice coffee. 

I was encouraged to see several other children there, and a mama breastfeeding her baby. The openness of the place makes it suitable for kids, although it might be difficult to deal with your stroller - I would park and use a carrier or sling instead! Also, the bathrooms need a change table, but they're so clean, I just changed my daughter on the floor!

My favourite part? The beautiful dog wandering around greeting customers. Anyone who is cool with allowing dogs hang out in a coffee shop has to be a pretty awesome person, in my humble opinion (but those with allergies, take note!)

Have you been to Quitters? What did you think?