VarageSale all that extra stuff out of your house

by Lara

I've been purging a lot lately. The kids are getting older (9 and 6) and we still have so many things in the house from when they were younger!

Backyard playhouse? All they do is stand on the top of it and act like it's a trampoline!

Cloth diapers and crib bedding? Why on earth do I still have those when I knew I was done having babies 6 years ago and haven't needed either for ages?

When VarageSale approached us for a partnership I was keen to try out their service and hoped it would prompt me to get rid of some of that stuff!

Today I'm going to share some of the things I really like about VarageSale:

1) The app

It's easy to use and I like being able to easily list my items from my phone, since that's the device I use to take photos of the items. 

It's easy to find all my items in one place or be able to get to the different areas of the apps - such as items I might be wanting to keep an eye on, or discussions I might be having in the communities.


2) Bumping

One of the things that frustrates me when I put my items online is how quickly they get dropped so far down the list of items for sale that almost nobody will see what I'm selling. You can bump your items back up the list, which is great. To make sure people don't just sit there bumping their stuff up constantly, you get a limited amount of bumps per hour. Genius.


3) Threaded conversations (with push notifications)

When people have questions on your item, they can comment right there and you get a notification right on your phone. I loved that I could reply to people's questions quickly because of them.

I also love how easy it is to push out the listing to your own friends on Facebook.

4) Local

VarageSale has all kind of local options. You can post by community, but there are also options for having discussions right within their platform as well. They are trying to create a space where we can share, sell, and talk about events they have coming up and get beyond just listing items for sale.

It's a cool app and web site and I'm all for getting some of the extra junk out of my house. Check it out and if you list anything, share your listing in the comments here or on Facebook!

*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are straight from my brain :)