Looking Back: Our Most Popular Posts from 2015

By Misty

What a year it's been for Kids in the Capital! In January we launched a brand new website, and we love the new look! We also received many great articles from our contributors over these past twelve months, and we're looking back on 15 of our most popular posts. Is there one that we missed? Send us an email and let us know what YOU loved reading this year: kidsinthecapital@gmail.com.


15) Reinventing Goldfish Crackers - back when I had more time (time?? What's that?), I tried out a much healthier version of Goldfish crackers and they were a huge hit!

14) Choosing the right camp for your child: there's a lot of time that working parents need to fill when their child is off school (or maybe you just want your child to experience camp). This post has some great tips from a past camp director!

13) Save money using Flipp: who doesn't love to save money? Cheryl tells us how to use the Flipp app to price match and save hundreds of dollars each year.

12) Worth a Visit: Almonte - we started 2015 with a new series "Worth a Visit." (Side note: I failed in keeping up with the weekly posts, but I'm looking to re-launch a monthly series in 2016!) Amy wrote this post for us, and it went a teeny bit viral. Those Almontonians love their town!

11) 5 Tips for Being an Anglophone in a Francophone System: I may speak French, but I'm certainly not bilingual. Some tips 'n tricks for sending your child to French school.

10) Mother-Daughter Journals: Donna wrote about this fantastic idea for connecting with your daughter(s).

9) I let my kid go to the park by herself...and then I wrote about it! Most readers were very positive, although many thought that 5 (the age of my daughter last summer) was too young. She's now 6, and already asking when she can start to walk to school by herself!

8) Don't tell my daughter to cover up! I write a lot about raising daughters, and the issue of dress codes is a controversial one.

7) Walter Baker Park: we got a lot of views on this post by Tracy. A park with an adult workout zone!!

6) Do you suffer from Mommy Disease? This post resonated with a lot of our readers - we're clearly all suffering from something :) I'm planning on writing a follow-up post in 2016, as health-wise, I'm doing a lot better!

5) Buy Nothing Ottawa: the act of giving and receiving, with no strings attached, is a heartwarming thing. Andrea gave us a great list of all the buy nothing groups here in Ottawa.

4) One thing you can do to save your sanity: this one was written for all the moms out there - can you guess what the "one thing" is?

3) Mommy Needs a Drink: the idea for this post had been "brewing" for a while before I wrote it. Do we live in a culture that makes light of problem drinking?

2) Holiday Gift Guide: Lara and I searched far and wide (well, not really...we patronize a lot of these businesses ourselves!) for great holiday gift ideas. All of these businesses are local to Ottawa or Canadian.

1) The Holidays in Ottawa: 25 things to do under $25 - clearly the winner and #1 on our blog this year, with over 20,000 hits!! 

Our readers love posts about things to do in Ottawa, as well as personal opinion pieces and parenting tips. We plan to bring you much more in 2016, and a big thank you for taking the time to visit and comment! What else do you want to read? Leave a comment and let us know!