Charlie Brown’s True Meaning of Christmas 2015

By Wendy

Remember when Peanuts’ Linus took the stage in the classic holiday special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and explained “what Christmas is all about” to Charlie Brown?  His monologue described the Nativity; the very first Christmas according to Christian tradition.

Now, on December 4 and 5, you’re invited to “Step into Christmas” to experience the Nativity – “live” – right here in Ottawa, by taking a tour of the “Town of Bethlehem”. 

Walk through the streets just as it was on the first Christmas night Linus described in the words of Luke 2 of the Christian holy book, The Bible: 

  • Eavesdrop on merchants in market stalls gossiping about the virgin birth as they sell their wares of bread, salt, textiles and pottery.
  • Chat with the Innkeeper, but don’t expect to get a room – it’s super busy in Bethlehem tonight! 
  • Meet the shepherds, pet their woolly sheep and donkeys, and hear about their amazing encounter with angels.
  • Experience the wonder and simplicity of the stable - first-hand!   

Be sure not to linger on the tour, though, or the Roman soldiers will urge you to move along …

If you came out for the tour last year, you’ll find a few new characters have been added to the 40+ member cast. And if you’ve never visited “Bethlehem” before, you’ll appreciate the handmade costumes, the carefully constructed streetscape, and era-appropriate props and explanations showing what life was like 2000 years ago.

And everyone will enjoy cozying up to the warmth of hot chocolate and sweet treats offered inside afterwards!

Admission for a thirty minute tour – including refreshments – is FREE. If you like, you can pay it forward by bringing a non-perishable food item or donation for the Ottawa Food Bank; just drop it off with the “tax collectors” before you start your tour. 

You’ll find “Bethlehem” at Redeemer Alliance Church at 4825 Innes Road, Orleans from 6:30-8:30pm on Friday and Saturday, December 4 and 5.  Tours start every 15 minutes, and free parking is available on site. 

Celebrating the Nativity is a Christian tradition observed  during the holiday season in December.  What traditions do you celebrate?

Wendy Ripmeester is a freelance copywriter who writes for green and socially conscious businesses and non-profits.  Wendy has a background in forestry and communications, 20 years experience in natural resources, and two awesome kids. To keep in touch or see her work, check out or follow Wendy on Twitter.