Kid-Friendly Concerts at The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield)

I never thought that going to see a show at the Black Sheep would be kid-friendly. Anyone who's made the drive up to Wakefield, QC, is aware that The Black Sheep Inn is very welcoming to little fur babies - the resident dog makes her rounds during the shows, picking up scraps of pub food left behind.

But taking in a Craig Cardiff show this past weekend, I was surprised to see a whole gaggle of young children. When I did a little research later, I discovered that the afternoon shows are "all ages" and kids are half price!

It may have helped that Craig invited the children to participate in all the songs, bringing them up on stage to dance (I suspect he is a father, but don't quote me on that!)

For families with young children, there's ample space to get up and dance, crisp, cold brews on tap, and a whole menu of greasy pub food to keep those tummy's full.

It was very romantic to dance the last slow song as a couple, but I think both my husband and I wished we had brought the girls with us. Next time!

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