In Between: Mud Season in Ottawa

I had a funny encounter with a New Zealander the other week - it was one of the two warmer days we've had this Spring, and I commented on how lovely it was to feel the sun. She looked at me in surprise and said, "I hate this weather!" 

Not having grown up in Canada's climate, my co-worker doesn't enjoy the "in between" season - when the snow turns brown, the puddles grow, and the mud sticks. You have to admit, our annual weather kind of looks like this:

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

But you can't truly enjoy the seasons unless you're properly "geared up." Heading outdoors in Spring wearing your nice leather shoes will certainly result in stress and much cursing.

And so, to prepare for Mud Season here in Ottawa, I've chosen a few key items that may (or may not!) be necessary for the kids AND for you:

1. A good pair of rain pants - anything by MEC will be good quality. Or a rain suit for the younger ones.

Waterproof shoes

2. Waterproof shoes (image courtesy of Mansfield's Shoes)

3. If you're looking for a big splurge, I looove these Hunter Boots. But given my budget, I'm more likely to put on a thick pair of wool socks and get a pair of these from Mark's.

4. Hatley has awesome rain jackets, which can be found at Kiddie Kobbler. I'm also loving this sweet coat and hat set from 3 Little Monkeys.

5. And as much as we wish it were 15 degrees, it's not. Which means hats and mitts are still necessary - but go for thin fleece instead of heavy duty at this time of year! 

6. And finally - an umbrella! They're annoying to carry around, but great for your commute. And of course, the kids love them!

What gear do you have for mud season?