Worth a Visit: Almonte

One of my family's favourite day trips when we have the time is a visit to Almonte. I started going there as a kid because my Great Uncle and his family lived there. Later, my grandparents moved there and we visited more often.

 Almonte is a lovely little town not too far from Ottawa, with a lot to offer. We usually start our trip with lunch at the Robin's Nest. They make simple sandwiches, great soup and I can guarantee your enjoyment of any of their desserts. 

While you're waiting for your lunch you can go right through to the shop next door, Keepsakes, home of little toys, gifts, jewelry and other knick knacks. Keepsakes is one of many great and unique shops on Mill Street.

The best place in Almonte (my must see), is Mill Street Books. Mill Street is one of only a handful of independent bookstores still open in the region, which is one great reason to support them. Another great reason is the selection, particularly of books for kids. I can't remember the last time I went in and didn't manage to find a great new read for the kid and me. 

We've discovered a lot of great new writers because of the friendly staff at Mill Street Books. And I've found a lot of great books for myself there too. (We really need more bookshelves). 

If you're visiting Almonte on a Friday or Saturday, you're probably going to want to drop by HFT for some doughnuts while you're there. And if you're picking up doughnuts you might as well grab some coffee at Equator Coffee Roasters too. 

I also highly recommend a visit to Mississippi Mills Musicworks if your kids love instruments. The staff is friendly, they have a wide array of instruments, lots of music books and a friendly dog. (They also offer music lessons). 

And if you're in the Almonte area, you might as well visit Pakenham, not too far away. Pakenham is home to the truly awesome Scoops Ice Cream and the best cinnamon buns any general store has to offer. 

Have you visited Almonte? Leave a comment and tell us about your favourite place to go!