Worth a Visit: Giant Tiger

When we were invited to a mystery event a few weeks ago, my husband and I had no idea what to expect.  A five-course meal, fancy invitations, and an entertaining host in a hipster pub - all the guests were curious beyond belief.

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The food was delicious and the decor amazing - the entire room was shocked when we found out that everything had come from Giant Tiger and that our five-course meal cost about $30/person.

Lamb poutine! #thesecretsupper

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I'll admit that when I thought of Giant Tiger I envisioned "Canada Day decorations and camping supplies" - definitely not fresh produce, home decor and fashion. The aim of the Secret Supper (to open my eyes to all that Giant Tiger actually IS) worked for me, and I took a trip my local GT to check it out.

First thought:  Did Giant Tiger always look this nice? I don't remember it looking this nice.

Thought two:  Oooh - two infinity scarves for $10?  I want!  (and I got ;)

Thought 3: A bag of apples for $1.99 - sold!

Thought 4: CUTE! I need to find a baby to fit this.

I walked out having spent $40 with two infinity scarves, frozen lunches on sale for my husband, a chicken pot pie, some fresh produce, some school snacks and a few other odds and ends.  All in all "a win!"

And I'll be back, because we're going to be doing some home renos this year and we'll be looking for some nice accents and pieces to upgrade our space. The goods I saw in the home decor section are definitely going to be worth checking out again!

Do you shop at Giant Tiger?  What do you love about it?