Bird Day Fair 2015

Ever wondered about those birds that hang out in your backyard? How to imitate those bird calls or the best techniques for bird watching? Or even what it’s like to be a bird?

Find out the answers to these questions and more at Nature Canada’s Bird Day Fair!

Ottawa’s third annual Bird Day Fair will take place on Saturday May 30th, 2015 at Andrew Haydon Park. It will be a day to “Welcome back birds” in a public celebration of International Migratory Bird Day in the national capital region’s own Important Bird Area (IBA). 

The event is free and fun for all ages.

•    Be sure to check out Little Rays Reptiles! They will present their "Endangered Ontario" show at 1:15pm on the main stage. The show will feature 2 birds of prey, 2 ferrets, 2 snakes, 2 turtles and an amphibian and a fox - all from Ontario of course!
•    Falcon Ed is back this year by popular demand with their live raptors. See these impressive birds up close at the Falcon Ed booth. 
•    Get creative and help us build bird nest large enough to roost in! Be sure to look the part by making your own bird mask, or getting your face painted. 
•    Learn about bird banding, a method that scientists use to study birds, by joining the early birds to observe bird banding, or get banded yourself by the experts at the Innis Point Bird Observatory booth. 
•    Meet local groups working to protect nature, wildlife and learn how you can get involved in nature conservation every day
•    Join experts on guided nature walks. No experience necessary. 

The Bird Day Fair is a celebration of the incredible migration journey of birds. Some birds travel as far as 25,000 miles round trip from their breeding grounds in the Canadian arctic to their wintering grounds in South America. 

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