Beat the Heat with Your Kids

Do you read the Ottawa Citizen forecasts? I don't know who writes the posts, but they're totally kooky and hilarious! I'm sure the writer is also suffering from heat stroke.

I'm not going to start complaining about the heat, because heck, I KNOW how miserable our winters can be. I love skiing and snowshoeing, but I'm going to take hot and humid any day (if just for the benefits of not having to dress my children in snowsuits).

But our sweaty and heat-angry children need things to do, and a humidex of 46 is not ideal weather for kicking the kids outside. My old pug is also suffering. We're very VERY thankful to have air conditioning, but who wants to sit inside all day? We need to lap up every last drop of this summer before the snow flies.

I put the question out on our Facebook Page: "What do you do with the kids all day when it's this hot?" I got some great answers, and threw in a few of my own ideas (or, ahem, my husband's ideas).

Pinterest Rocks

Kimberly Steski posted that she used a great pinned idea - attach a hose to a big pop bottle, poke holes and hang it in the tree.

Elaine Hamelin-Mitchell suggested setting up a slip n' slide. Anyone with a play structure in the backyard can set up a tarp and sprinkler for more water fun!


Don't forget to stay hydrated on hot days! Get the kids to help make a hydration drink:

1 cup of water
juice from 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp maple syrup
sprinkle of salt

You could also do iced tea - I like to use a non-caffeinated herbal tea. I steep 4-5 bags in a tea pot, and mix in 1-2 tbsp of honey while still hot/warm. Then pour over ice or chill in the fridge and add lemon juice to taste.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Christine Bazinet posted that they are lucky enough to use their pool on hot days. For those of us without pools, our City of Ottawa outdoor pools are great! We live in the East end, and Bearbrook Pool is our fav.

Get Out of the City

Our own Lara Wellman suggested getting out of the city, which is a great idea! Temperatures drop significantly once you're outside city limits. Our favourite place is Gatineau - Lac Philippe or Lac La Peche are both great options if you're willing to go for a summer drive.

Outdoor Crafts

My husband is so crafty (me, not so much). He had extra insulation pieces lying around his workshop, so my daughter decided to build boats! Moon sand, digging for treasures in a sand box and a water play table are fantastic ways to keep young kids occupied and cool.

What are your favourite hot day activities?