A Special Treat: Pretty Handsome Salon and Spa

My daughter has been asking for a spa day recently. In the past we've had home spa days where I've taken care of her feet and done her nails. We've had spa days where we go out to a spa near our house that does manicures and pedicures for kids (which will make it into another post here soon). But when I asked a few questions this time I found out what she wanted was to have her hair done. 

There used to be a salon for kids near our house, but that one shut down and I've been taking her to our local discount hair place for cuts. That wasn't what she wanted this time! She wanted a real hair style, a special treat, and since we're celebrating our summer of awesome I decided to look for a place to take her. 

I remembered that during our visit to Ottawa's Baby Show last year she had gotten a very fancy braid done at one of the booths, and a quick search led me to Pretty Handsome Salon and Spa. The website lists all sorts of services - from first haircuts to "mom and me" manicures and pedicures - but most importantly (to me, anyway) they do fancy braids. 

I made an appointment for a shampoo (to save me the fight at home), a blow dry and a fancy braid. 

We were greeted as soon as we walked in and off she went to get her hair washed - something that doesn't seem to bother her when I'm not the one doing it. 

Daisy car seat 

Daisy car seat 


Pretty Handsome is located in Barrhaven, so it's a bit of a drive from our home in Stittsville, but the service and the result proved good enough to make the trip every once in a while. Even when she started crying because the braiding hurt a bit, or when she wasn't sure if she liked it and she was afraid to start again because she was bored (and she also might have been a bit over-tired), the staff was great and her stylist was very patient. 

The result was just perfect.