A Trip to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Ever since the Museum of Science and Technology closed for repairs, we have made the Canada Aviation and Space Museum our destination of choice for spontaneous outings. We are members of the museum network, which includes the Aviation, Agriculture and Sci & Tech museums in one membership.

I'll admit, the aviation museum was never one of my favourites. I always thought that it suited an older audience who could take time to read all of the fascinating information. Blowing through there with toddlers seemed pointless.

But a lot has changed over the past couple of years, and a recent visit was GREAT for the little ones - mainly because of the special activities that we've discovered. This summer it's Summer in Space, and the kid got to put on her own space suit and go into a giant bubble.

There are also printmaking workshops, and daily tours for the kids, specially designed for ages 4 to 7. And there's nothing cooler than sitting in the big airplanes.

My girls never miss their turn on one of the rollie-planes:

What I've also discovered is that this is a GREAT museum for the little ones because there is so much space (haha, kind of a joke, right? Space?) - the kids can run around all they want and get their energy out. There's never a worry about them doing damage to anything, as long as they stay outside of the barriers of the planes. The Hang Glider Studio offers respite for tired feet, and there the kids can play with Lego, read books, or put on a puppet show.

And bonus? Starbucks coffee in the little cafe....seriously, best thing ever for long nights and early mornings.

Even when the Museum of Science and Technology reopens, the Aviation museum will still be a place of great fun for my family.

Have you been to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum lately?