Back-to-School Fashion Picks for the Clothing-Sensitive Child

From the time she was a baby, my oldest daughter has had what I like to call “clothing sensitivities.” I know I’m not alone in this, and that many parents have similar challenges. Although I could occasionally get her into cute jeans and t-shirts as a baby, by toddlerhood my headstrong girl was refusing any clothing with the following features: bumps, lines, zippers, buttons, elastics, seams and buckles. So basically, all clothing.

Now a big girl, my 7 year-old remains tough to buy for. We would love to rely on hand-me-downs, but the majority of stuff given to us is placed in the “reject” pile for reasons only my daughter seems to understand. The most common reason given is that the piece of clothing just “doesn’t feel right.”

We have also tried many brands of clothing, based on suggestions from other parents. For us, Carter’s OshKosh has won out. They carry so many styles, all of which are deemed comfortable by my sensitive girl (except the jeans of course…I have a feeling she’ll never want to wear jeans!)

Every August we take a trip to Carter's OshKosh to stock up on #Kidsentials for back-to-school. Despite her hatred of most clothing, my daughter seems to have a shopping bug that I never had as a kid. Her favourite thing to do is prowl the store, putting together outrageous outfits that define her awesome personality. Carter’s OshKosh is the perfect place to mix and match!

So straight from my daughter herself, here are her top picks from Carter’s OshKosh for this year (the three year-old also played a part, although getting her to pose for pics was a little more challenging!)

Summer Discounts

How is she so grown up?

How is she so grown up?

You can’t beat the sales rack, and at rock bottom price, we found this adorable sundress -  perfect for those warm September days.

School Chic


The ruffly tulle skirt and hearted top are similar to styles we found last year, so perfect for a kid who sticks to what she knows!

Laid-Back Loungers


Leggings are seriously the best invention ever for clothing-sensitive kids. You can often find the perfect length, so that there is no “bunching” of material, and they are great for young kids to be comfortable in for playtime. My daughter paired this floral print with a long-sleeved pink tee.

Hello 80’s

My daughter’s favourite piece in the whole store was a pair of lycra leggings, totally a throw-back from the 80s. I love that she paired these with a floral print long-sleeved tee!!


A must for all kiddos for when temperatures drop!! My 3 year-old also discovered a glow-in-the-dark Halloween t-shirt that she can’t wait to wear in October.

Daddy’s Girl

She had to try this one on for Daddy!

Sweaters with Pockets

If you want to try to convince kids to wear a piece of clothing, make sure it has pockets. Kids seem to LOVE the idea of putting small treasures into their clothing to save for later. This terry pullover is super cozy!

Mommy’s Picks

I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself stylish, but I have harboured a secret desire to dress my girls in matching outfits. There is only one time per year that my kids will wear what I choose, and it’s because of family pictures (and there’s usually a bribe involved!) So here are my favourite picks:

Matching onesie pajamas for cold nights (yes, those nights are coming!)

OshKosh B’Gosh Blue Jeans – oh how I wish she would wear these! Maybe she will agree to try these jeggings, which are really just leggings with a cool jean look!

I adore tunics, and this OshKosh Sparkle Tunic is so adorable!

What are your back-to-school #CartersOshKosh #Kidsentials? Share your favourites on social media. And be sure to enter the #CartersOshKosh #Kidsentials contest for your chance to win 1 of 6 $500 gift cards!

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