Netflix and IMBD or Netflix and Google?

Have you ever heard that we're now a generation who have multiple screens going at the same time? Do you fall into that category?

We do - and one of the main reasons is so that we can Google/IMDB while watching tv because...

"Who is that guy? I've seen him before! What's he been in!?"

And that isn't just me... the kids are starting to recognize actors and that they've been in other shows and movies they've seen. And then they want to know how old that actor is, how old the show/movie is, what year did it come out - what do you mean it's from when YOU were a kid (the original Annie was a hit in our house after the new Annie came out and was also well loved.)

Or maybe someone just recognizes a voice in an animated series - IMDB is one of our favourite Netflix watching resources! 

That being said... sometimes we get in to the actual fact and science questions that go a little bit beyond my actual knowledge and so Google comes to the rescue!



But I'm not going to lie - looking up who did what when and when something came out (Stranger Things has so many great childhood references to look back up!) over science questions are our top priority, but either way, two screens and double learning in almost every show is the order of the day in our digital household.

How about you? What do you most frequently look up while you're watching TV/Netflix?

And come on over to our Facebook page and tell us if Google or IMDB is the more frequent search tool used while watching tv! :) 

disclosure: I’m part of the Netflix Stream team and receive perks (like Netflix giveaways!), all opinions are my own, although I think needing to know who's voice that familiar voice on a show is is more fact that opinion, don't you?