Our favourite Netflix shows for kids (because it's too cold to go outside!)

There's something decadent about lying on the couch watching tv, snuggled up in a cozy blanket while it's freezing outside.

This holiday season it has been especially freezing here in Ottawa (thanks Polar Vortex!) and I've been happy to intersperse some Netflix between the lego building and all the socializing (seriously, the Holidays can be a bit overwhelming for an introvert, especially if you have a lot of family in town.)

So we've been especially thankful for Netflix and I thought I'd share some favourite shows from our household. But, because my kids are a bit older, I also asked our community to share some of their favourite shows.

I struggled to categorize these so know that my 8 year olds watch shows from all these categories so I'm just generalizing and guessing here ;) Happy watching!

Younger Kids (3-7 ish)


Full House / Fuller House - ( Editor's note: my kids have watched ALL of the old show and love the new show just as much. There's a lot of nostalgia when they're watching this (though I can't handle more than an episode or two at a time ;

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Annie (the new one, though the classic movie is there too :) )

Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

The Croods

Troll Hunters

Teen Titans Go


King Julien



Skylanders Academy


Tweens (9/10-14ish)


Cheer Squad

Project Mc2

Lost and Found Music Studios - (Editor's note: now that we're getting into these types of shows I find them harder to just tune out like the little kid shows and find myself watching these even though I also think they're a total waste of my time. Just a bit of a warning ;)


Would you add any others to the list? Leave a comment and let us know!

disclosure: We are part of the Netflix Stream team and receive perks (like Netflix giveaways!), all opinions are our own.