Put a spring in your step and get creative!

I know, I know. It's snowing like crazy outside, and seems like spring will never come this year. It's been a LONG winter. I know in the past that long winters can get me down in the dumps. There was no warm beach vacations this year, so I'm feeling extra grumpy.

Spring in happier days

Spring in happier days

So how do I put that spring back in my step? Here's 5 easy tips:

Get a haircut

After a long winter, I love giving my hair a little spruce. I've booked an appointment with my favourite hairdresser, and may do something different (with curly hair, going straight for a day is always fun)

Sign up for a workshop

I did a paint night this past winter, and had SO much fun. I've just signed up for another one with Nepean Creative Arts Centre. They're also offering an 3-hour Inktense workshop on Saturday April 29th. A great way to get creative without committing yourself to a weekly class.

Kids driving you crazy? Sign them up for something too! There's a 5-hour Theatrical Make-up Design workshop on April 29th from 10am - 3pm. This is for tweens and teens to train in maquillage – stage makeup – and design and implement fantastic theatrical looks. 

If your tween or teen is looking for something super fun and exciting, check out ABBA's Greatest Hits & Pop Performance - kids will work with professional voice teacher Marina Rososky to develop excellent singing ability, musicality and vocal projection, and master stage fright. 

Bring the beach to you

Can't get away for a warm vacation? Grab the ingredients for a pina colada, dress in shorts and t-shirts, and blast Bob Marley. Close your eyes and dream of the sun and sand.

Embrace winter's last hurrah

If you DO normally enjoy winter (which I do,) you may want to get out for one last ski or snowshoe before all the snow melts. Temperatures are on the rise, and it looks like this recent dump of snow will be gone by next week. So hit the slopes!

Get some exercise

Pick a super fun class to try, or check out your local yoga studio. We know how much exercise affects our mood, but at this time of the year, it's hard to find motivation. I have the MS Society's Ottawa to Cornwall bike ride coming up in less than 4 months, so I've really got to get my butt in gear!

What do you do to survive the last dying days of winter?