Easter at the farm

By Tom Stacey

We got a chance to check out all of the Easter weekend activities at the Agriculture and Food Museum on Good Friday, and the girls had a blast!

The highlight of the visit was (of course) the baby animals. One calf had been born just that morning, and there were also sweet little lambs and piglets.

farm pig.JPG

The girls cheered on the rabbits as they raced through an obstacle course in a demonstration of rabbit agility, presented by the Renfrew County 4-H Rabbit Racers.

*New for 2019: Children can participate in an egg roll race in the meadow — sure to bring laughter for the whole family. Bring a picnic blanket and rubber boots and enjoy what the farm has to offer while Eccentric Adam entertains the crowds. Enjoy a barn party as DJ Rico puts on great family music. You and your family can dance while awaiting your turn to take a fun photo in the photo booth.

Another favourite activity is the annual Easter Egg hunt, which is located in the horse and cattle barn's lobby. The girls got to take home three eggs each (although let's be honest - these were consumed long before that.)

The kitchen was doing a really cool demonstration on cocoa beans, and how we transform the bean into chocolate. Chocolate cake was served to all the kids!

For a full listing of all the activities, check out the farm's website for more information. For 2019, activities run until Monday April 17th.

Tomorrow is looking quite rainy, but the museum has many buildings where you can take cover with the family. And bonus, crowds are usually smaller on rainy days!!

Happy Easter Ottawa!