The breakfast sandwich I have been missing my whole life

I recently participated in my first Brownie camp...WOW. What an eye opener! So much planning and hard work goes into those weekends from super dedicated volunteers. I really commend all the leaders with Girl Guides of Canada for their awesomeness.

One part of the planning for camp is the food - having enough food for a giant pack of hungry kids. The morning we left we realized we might be running short on breakfast food (one box of Cheerios was not going to cut it).


Our Brown Owl then grabbed a bag of white bread and instructed us to slather on some applesauce and cinnamon and fry it on the stove.


Please excuse the giant stack of recipe books in the background

Please excuse the giant stack of recipe books in the background

How have I been missing this food all my life? This is THE best camp and cottage food, and also makes the perfect breakfast sandwich for when you're on the run. It tastes pretty much like apple pie, and was a huge hit with the girls.

What you'll need:

- 2 slices of white bread (I'm sure whole wheat would be OK, but white has a certain "squishiness" to it)
- butter
- applesauce
- cinnamon

Butter both slices of bread, just like when you're making grilled cheese. Slather on some applesauce (how thick you want it is your choice!) - we used Farm Boy's unsweetened natural applesauce. This is what my applesauce looks like when I do homemade, so it's my fav. (NOTE: the pic below is showing you how much applesauce I put on…make sure to place the second slice of bread on top. Just like a grilled cheese!)

Finally sprinkle on the cinnamon and throw the whole sandwich on the grill, fire or stovetop. Cook until golden brown.

They were gobbled up!!!

What's your go-to breakfast after a night in a tent or at the cottage?